november 28

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november 28 - November 28
november 28 - Mr. Lloyd George receives British deputation in London representing domestic servants, and reassures them with regard to Insurance Bill. - In the British Parliament the names of the Commissioners who will administer the Insurance Act are announced, viz., Sir R. Morant (Chairman), Mr. John Bradbury, Mr. D. J. Shackleton, Mr. J. Lister Stead, and Miss Mona Wilson. - The Archbishops of Canterbury and York issue manifesto against Welsh disestablishment. - Murder of Lord George Sanger, circus proprietor, at East Finchley. - Wu-chang capitulates to Chinese Govt. Troops. - Strike of Paris taxi-cab drivers. - Convocation at Oxford University rejects a statute making Greek optional for science and mathematical students. - Sharp fighting between Arabs and Italians near Bengazi, Tripoli. - Committee of U. S. House of Representatives receive report from Louis D. Brandeis exonerating President from charges made in connection with Controller Bay.

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