december 14

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december 14 - December 14
december 14 - King George reviews 50,000 troops in Delhi. - Debate on Franco-German Agreement begins in French Chamber. - Mr. Asquith in House of Commons promises to appoint Standing Committee on Estimates. - British War Office offers money prizes for military aeroplanes. - Mr. Asquith receives sympathetically deputation from Anti-Suffrage League. - Miss Eleanor Davies-Colley, M.D., admitted Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons; first woman so honoured. - British Prime Minister expresses in House of Commons his sense of gallantry of crew of French cruiser "Firant" who saved passengers on "Delhi." - Anti- British boycott begun in Persia. - John W. Garrett (b. 1872) of Maryland, appointed U. S. minister to Argentina. - Bill prescribing eight-hour day for all contract labour for U. S. Govt. passed by U. S. House of Representatives - At Indianapolis, Ind., Federal grand jury begins investigation into alleged dynamiting conspiracy. - Andrew Carnegie gives £2,000,000 for endowment of internat. peace foundation.

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