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pied flycatcher - Pied Flycatcher;
pied flycatcher - Upper parts and tail black; wings black, with the central coverts white; scapulars edged with white; under parts white. Female: greyish brown instead of black; the white dingy; the three lateral tail-feathers edged with white. Length, five inches.

The pied flycatcher is comparatively a rare bird, and is unknown to a great majority of the inhabitants of this country, being restricted to a few localities in the north of England and the south of Scotland, and to some parts of North Wales, and the English counties bordering on Wales. In its nesting and feeding habits, and its partiality for orchards and gardens, it is like the spotted flycatcher; but it arrives earlier than that species, usually during the last week in April or the first week in May. Its black-and- white plumage gives it a very different and a much more attractive appearance. The only other point in which the two species differ greatly is in the number and colour of the eggs. Those of the pied flycatcher number from five to eight, and are very beautiful, being of a uniform delicate pale blue, and unspotted.

A third species, the red-breasted flycatcher (Musicapa parva), has been included in the list of stragglers from Central and Eastern Europe to this country.

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