february 14

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february 14 - February 14
february 14 - British Parliament opens. - Arizona admitted to American state-hood. - Lord Sandhurst appointed Lord Chamberlain. - Lord Carrington resigns the office of Lord Privy Seal and is created Marquess of Lincolnshire. - Lord Crewe succeeds Lord Carrington as Lord Privy Seal while retaining the India Secretaryship. - Lord Pentland resigns the office of Secretary for Scotland and is succeeded by Mr. T. McKinnon Wood. - Sale of old silver, including Edward VI apostle spoons, at Christie's. - Parasite of Dum-dum or black fever discovered by Captain W. S. Patton, I.M.S., asst. Director of the King Institute of Preventive Medicine, Madras. - Sir Walter Egerton appointed Governor of British Guiana.

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