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pink-footed goose - Pink-footed Goose;
pink-footed goose - Colour of plumage as in the bean-goose, but with the bluish grey on the shoulder of the wing as in the grey lag goose; upper mandible pink in the centre; base, edges, and nail black; legs and feet pink. Length, twenty-eight inches.

This goose very closely resembles the bean-goose in habits, colour, and general appearance; the only difference of any importance between the two species consists in the smaller beak of the pink- foot, from which it takes its name of brachyrhynchus (short-billed), and in its legs being pink instead of yellow. It was first described as a distinct species about fifty years ago, but is still regarded by some authorities as only an ' island form ' of the bean-goose. The pink colour of the bill and feet is found not to be constant, and Seebohm says,' It looks very much as if the pink-footed geese had been long enough in the arctic climate of Spitzbergen to change the colour of their feet, but not long enough to make the new colour permanent, and that when bred in the warmer climate of this country they had a tendency to hark back to their ancestors.'

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