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april 1 - April 1
april 1 - Oxford and Cambridge boat-race re-rowed, resulting in a victory for Oxford. - The Prince of Wales arrives in Paris for a stay of some months. - News received that Capt. Scott, on Antarctic expedition had on Jan. 3 reached a point 150 miles from the South Pole and is remaining in the Ant arctic for another winter. - Partial eclipse of the moon. - Sun-Yat Sen and the Provisional Govt. in China lay down office. - Carpenters' strike in Chicago. - Fortnight's suspension of American coal-mining industry begins. - Wool bill passed by U. S. House of Reps, by 189 (20 Republicans) to 92 (1 Democrat) puts duty of 20 per cent on raw wool and 30 to 45 per cent on woolen manufactures (see July 25). - U. S. Supreme Court, reversing Commerce Court, holds that Interstate Commerce Commission can ask from water lines reports on intra-state business as well as on inter-state.

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