velvet scoter

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velvet scoter - Velvet Scoter;
velvet scoter - Plumage velvet-black, except a small white patch behind the eye and a conspicuous white bar across the wing; bill apricot- yellow, with a black tubercle at the base; irides white; legs and toes orange-red; webs black. Length, twenty-two inches. Female: sooty brown; a large dull white patch before, and a smaller one behind, the eye; speculum less defined than in the male.

Mr. Abel Chapman, comparing this species with the last described, has given the best picture of it. He says: ' The velvet scoter is a larger and handsomer species, the jet-black plumage of the old drakes being peculiarly rich and glossy, and is easily distinguished at any distance by the broad white speculum on the wings, closely resembling an old black cock, if one could imagine such a bird far out at sea.' It is not known whether the velvet scoter breeds in Scotland or not. In summer it is found on inland lakes in Scandinavia and Northern Russia, and it visits our coasts in winter, but not in such large numbers as the common scoter. It is not so exclusively marine in its habits as that species.

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