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grey plover - Grey Plover;
grey plover - Fore-crown white, and upper parts mottled blackish brown and white; lores, cheeks, throat and neck, and under parts, black Length, twelve inches. After the autumn moult the upper part? are more greyish, and all the rest white.

This species so closely resembles the golden plover in size and appearance, both in summer and winter, changing, like it, from black to white, and from white to black, that it seems strange to find it classed in a separate genus. But there is a slight anatomical difference in the two birds: the grey plover is provided with a rudimentary hind toe, while the golden plover has only three toes on its foot. The present species does not breed in the British Islands. Its summer home is in arctic Siberia. From August, when it begins to arrive, until the following spring it is found on our coasts every year in small flocks. It is much less common than the golden plover, and while with us is almost exclusively a bird of the seashore.

The grey plover is considered a poor bird for the table; but in Yarrell's work it is stated that Englishmen have not always been of that opinion, that it was formerly esteemed above most birds, and that the saying,' a grey plover cannot please him,' was used of a person with an excessively fastidious palate. The bird proverbial for its delicacy was probably our golden plover, which to this day is called grey plover in Ireland.

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