may 20

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may 20 - May 20
may 20 - Yeprim, Persian Chief of Police, killed in action after gaining a victory over Mujallal-es-Sultan near Hainadan. - Prince George of Cumberland killed in motor accident at Friesack in Germany. - Enrico Malatesta, an anarchist, sentenced in London to three months' imprisonment for publishing a libel, and recommended for expulsion. - Sentence on Tom Mann, syndicalist leader, reduced by Home Secretary from 6 months to 2 months. - Sale of the Dollfus collection of drawings in Paris. - Report of the Lorimer Committee made to U. S. Senate. - Turkish Council of Ministers decide to expel all Italians from Turkey, except artisans, widows and orphans and members of religious orders. - Anthracite miners and operators sign new agreement at Philadelphia.

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