may 22

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may 22 - May 22
may 22 - Presidential primaries in Ohio show decisive majority for Mr. Roosevelt. - Trial of Mrs. Pankhurst and Mr. and Mrs. Pethick Lawrence for conspiracy in connection with the London suffragist raids results in sentences of 9 months' imprisonment in the second division. - Count Tisza elected President of the Hungarian Chamber after a violent scene. - Australian cricket eleven at Lord's beat M.C.C. and Ground by 5 wickets. - German Reichstag adjourns till November after violent debate provoked by Socialist attacks on the Emperor. - Death at Monte Carlo of Count Osten-Sacken, for 17 years Russian Ambassador in Berlin. - Two Calcutta constables convicted of torturing prisoners to extract confessions. - International Flower Show opens in London. - Provision in Army appropriation bill adopted by conference committee of U. S. Senate and House, which would make Major-General Wood, U. S. Army, ineligible as Chief of Staff. - Measure placing so-called Friar Lands under jurisdiction of Philippine Government passed by U. S. House of Representatives. - A murderer in Utah executed by shooting.

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