june 24

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june 24 - June 24
june 24 - Industrial Council open public enquiry in London on agreements, in relation to labour unrest. - Mrs. Pankhurst and Mrs. Pethick Lawrence, Suffragist leaders, re leased from prison. - Death of Field Marshal Sir George White, V.C., aged 76. - On Budget Debate in British House of Commons Government majority on an amendment altering tea duty falls to 22; Chancellor of the Exchequer announces that five millions out of last year's surplus will go to reducing National Debt and a million to extra naval expenditure. - Dalai Lama of Tibet leaves Kalimpong for Lhasa. - Mutiny of Albanian troops at Monastir. - Govt. of India Bill passed by House of Lords after speeches from Lord Curzon and Lord Crewe. - Alton B. Parker of New York chosen by Democratic National Committee to be temporary chairman of Democratic National Convention. - Samuel Gompers, President of American Federation of Labor, sentenced by Supreme Court of Washington, D.C., to a year's imprisonment for contempt.

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