august 7

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august 7 - August 7
august 7 - Turkish Minister at Cettigne announces intention to leave Montenegro owing to dissatisfaction with Montenegrin reply to his remonstrances. - Debate on British with drawal from Sugar Convention in House of Commons; speeches by Mr. Austen Chamberlain and Mr. Asquith. - Motor-boat, 36 ft. long, arrives at Queenstown, Ireland, having crossed the Atlantic in 24 days. - Master of Elibank, Chief Government Whip in British House of Commons, re signs appointment and seat in parliament; he is succeeded as Chief Whip by Mr. Percy H. Illingworth, M.P. - Arrest of Kaid Trihahi at Mazagan, Morocco, after a siege of the house of a Spanish subject, in which he had received Spanish consular protection. - Russo-Japanese Agreement reported, determining spheres of influence in Mongolia and Manchuria. - Woodrow Wilson accepts Democratic nomination for U.S. Presidency. - Progressive party nominates Theodore Roosevelt and Gov. Hiram Johnson, of California, as candidates for U.S. President and Vice-President.

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