october 11

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october 11 - October 11
october 11 - Montenegrins take Skiptchanik, near Tuzi, Albania. - Malissori revolt against Turkey, and attack Turkish army in rear. - Reported that peace negotiations between Italy and Turkey are broke off; Italian fleet ordered to Aegean Sea. - Rumanian Cabinet crisis. - Debate in British House of Commons on Government motion for appointing Select Committee to enquire into agreement between Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. and British Postmaster- General. - Prince of Wales begins residence in Oxford as commoner of Magdalen College. - Mr. Bonar Law speaks on recent by-elections at dinner of Constitutional Club, London. - Resignation of Herr Kaempf, President of German Reichstag. - United States pays Canada £40,000 as compensation under Fur Seal Convention of 1911. - New Zealand Defence Bill passes second reading in House of Representatives.

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