december 14

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december 14 - December 14
december 14 - Resignation of General Botha, Premier of South Africa. - Strike on North Eastern Railway settled; engine- driver Knox to be given a free pardon and re-installed, and strikers to forfeit six days' pay. - South Africa beats Wales at Rugby football at Cardiff by 3 points to nil. - U.S. Senate approves erection of a Lincoln memorial temple in Potomac Park, Washington, D. C., to cost $2,000,000. - Interstate Commerce Commission orders all interstate express companies to submit before February i, 1913 complete statements of their business on designated days. - In Chicago suit filed for dissolution of the Elgin Board of Trade and the American Association of Creamery Butter Manufacturers for conspiracy to fix price of butter. - William Henry Fox (b. 1858), director the John Herron Art Institute, Indianapolis, Ind., U.S.A., since 1905, is elected curator in chief of the Museums of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, to take charge Jan. 1, 1913, in place of Frederic A. Lucas, recently retired.

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