spotted woodpecker

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spotted woodpecker - Spotted Woodpecker
spotted woodpecker - Crown and upper parts black; a crimson patch on the back of the head; a white spot on each side of the neck; scapulars, lesser wing-coverts, and under parts white; belly and under tail-coverts crimson. Female: without crimson on the head. Length, nine And a half inches.

The present species is less common than the green woodpecker; and as it seldom goes to the ground, and usually confines its food- seeking to the higher branches of trees, it is rarely seen. Nor is it nearly so loquacious as the larger bird, nor so richly coloured, although handsome and conspicuous in its black-and-white dress, with a touch of glossy crimson on the nape. It frequents woods, hedgerows, and plantations, also pollard willows growing by the side of streams. It may be met with in most English counties, but in the northern counties and in Scotland it is very scarce. In Ireland it does not breed, although occasionally seen there as a migrant in winter. These migrants come from northern Europe, sometimes in considerable numbers, and are diffused over the British Islands; the birds of British race are believed to remain in this country throughout the year.

Like most woodpeckers, this species feeds principally on insects found in crevices of the bark and decayed wood of trees. In the season he becomes a fruit and seed eater, and visits gardens and orchards to steal the cherries; and also feeds on berries, nuts, acorns, and fir-seeds. He is, for a woodpecker, a silent bird; his usual call is a sharp, quick note, repeated two or three times. The most curious sound he makes is instrumental: it is the love-call of the bird, produced by striking the beak on a branch so rapidly as to produce a long jarring or rattling note.

The eggs are laid in a hole in a tree, not always made by the bird; they are six or seven in number, and creamy white in colour.

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