chlorophyta, green algae

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chlorophyta, green algae - chlorophyta, Green algae;
chlorophyta, green algae - Division of algae. Possess chlorophylls a and b, α- and β-carotene, xanthophylls, and store reserve food as starch. Cellulose cell wall. Largest group of algae, very diverse. Primitive forms microscopic, unicellular, motile by flagella, or non-motile; occurring singly or grouped into colonies. Higher forms multicellular with filamentous or flattened thallus. Asexual reproduction by cell division, fragmentation of thallus or by zoo-spores. Sexual reproduction isogamous or anisogamous, both gametes, or only male gamete, motile. Widely distributed, aquatic, both in fresh and salt water, or terrestrial in damp places, e.g. soil, shaded walls, tree trunks, etc.

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