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fertilization - fertilization;
fertilization - The union of two special cells, the gametes f the essential process of sexual reproduction. The resulting single cell is a zygote. Fertilization has two aspects: (a) fusion of two haploid nuclei which brings together in the zygote a selection of genes from two distinct individuals, i.e. the two parents, or from one individual in the case of self-fertilization; (b) initiation of development of a new individual. In parthenogenesis and pseudogamy aspect (b) occurs without aspect (a). External fertilization, union of gametes outside body of parents, as in many aquatic animals, e.g. Echinodermata. Internal fertilization, union of the gametes inside the female, as in most terrestrial animals (insects, tetrapods) and many aquatic animals of many different phyla. Fertilization membrane, tough membrane which appears at surface, or separates from surface, of many eggs when fertilized; in most cases it is the same as the vitelline membrane.

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