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abattis - Abattis (Fr. abattre, to beat down);
abattis - Military obstacle formed by cutting down trunks of trees, lopping off the small branches, and sharpening the stout ends. These are then placed across a path or approach likely to be taken by the enemy, the butts being anchored to the ground with the spear-like tips facing him. Fixed in a shallow excavation, the obstacle cannot be seen at a distance, and can only by chance be destroyed by artillery, so that the assaulting infantry come unexpectedly upon it. Before wire came into use an abattis was common in field fortifications whenever timber was procurable. At the edges of woods a special form of abattis, called a tree entanglement, is often constructed. Trunks of trees are cut half through, so that the upper portion falls towards the attackers and creates a thick hedge.

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