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abbas ii - Abbas II (Abbas Hilmi (1874-1944));
abbas ii - Last Khedive of Egypt, The eldest son of Tewfik Pasha, whom he succeeded in 1892, he received a western education. Becoming reconciled to oreign control, he took a considerable interest in the social and economic improvement of Egypt, being a keen agriculturist. In July, 1914, while visiting Constantinople, he was shot at and wounded by a fanatic. In Dec., 1914, Egypt was declared a British Protectorate, and Abbas, having been detected in intrigues with the enemies of Great Britain, was deposed, and he and his descendants definitely excluded from all rights of succession to the Sultanate. His Egyptian estates, sequestrated in Dec., 1914, were vested by proclamation in the public custodian, Jan., 1919, but in 1931 the Egyptian govt. granted him a life pension of £E30,000. He settled in Switzerland and died at Geneva, Dec. 2 1944.

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abbas ii, khedive of egypt, 1892-1914 abbas ii, khedive of egypt, 1892-1914. >>>>

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