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abbas i - Abbas I (c. 1557-c. 1628);
abbas i - Shah of Persia, known as the Great. The son of Shah Mahommed, he succeeded his father in 1586. In 1597, near Herat, he defeated and drove out the Uzbegs. In 1622, aided by an English fleet, he captured the island of Ormuz, diverting its trade to Gombrun, named after him Bender Abbasi, and in 1623 took Bagdad from the Turks. He was an enlightened administrator, though cruel and capricious.

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abbas i defined in 1939 year

abbas i - Abbas I (1813-54);
abbas i - Viceroy of Egypt. A son of Tusun Pasha and grandson of Mehemet Ali, he fought under his uncle Ibrahim Pasha in Syria. In 1848 he succeeded Ibrahim as regent, and in 1849, after the death of Mehemet Ali, became Viceroy of Egypt. Cruel and reactionary he was murdered by two slaves July, 1854.

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