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abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, c - Abbreviations WAR, THE SERVICES, CIVIL DEFENCE, c;
abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, c -
C.Captain (R.N.); cargo aircraft (U.S.).
C.A.A.T.O.Commander Army Air Transport Organization.
C.A.G.Civil Air Guard.
C. & M.Care and maintenance.
C.A.S.Chief of the Air Staff.
C.B.Confidential book; confinement to barracks; counter-battery.
C.B.E.Central Bomber Establishment.
C.B.O.Counter-Battery Officer.
C.C.Chief Controller (A.T.S.); Company Commander; Control Commission.
C.C.O.Chief of Combined Operations.
C.C.S.Casualty Clearing station.
C.C.T.F.Combat Cargo Task Force.
C.D.Civil Defence; Coast Defence.
Cdr.Commander; Conductor.
C.D.R.C.Civil Defence Regional Commissioner.
C.D.R.S.Civil Defence Rescue Service.
C.D.S.Civil Defence Services.
Cd.S.O.Commissioned Supply Officer.
C.D.V.Civil Defence Volunteers.
C.D.W.S.Civil Defence Wardens' Service.
C.E.Chief Engineer.
C.F.Chaplain to the Forces.
C.F.I.Chief Flying Instructor.
C.F.S.Central Flying School.
C.G.Cargo glider (U.S.); coastguard; Coldstream Guards.
C.G.I.Chief Ground Instructor.
C.G.M.Conspicuous Gallantry Medal.
C.G.S.Canadian General Staff; Chief of the General Staff.
Ch.G.Chaplain General.
C.H.(L.)Chain home (low) (radar).
Ch. of F.Chaplain of the Fleet.
C.I.Chief Instructor.
C.I.G.S.Chief of the Imperial General Staff.
C.K.S.Combined Kinematography Service.
C.M.Cruiser Minelayer.
C.M.B.Coastal motor-boat.
C.M.F.Central Mediterranean Force.
C.M.G.Congressional Medal for Gallantry (U.S.).
C.M.H.Combined Military Hospital.
C-.M.P.Corps of Military Police.
C.N.O.Chief of Naval Operations.
C.N.P.Chief of Naval Personnel.
C.N.R.Civil Nursing Reserve.
C.N.S.Chief of Naval Staff.
C.O.Commanding Officer; Command Order(s); Conscientious objector.
C.O.D.Central Ordnance Dept.
C.O.I.Central Office of Information.
C.O.(L.)Chain overseas (low) (radar).
Col.Colonel; column.
Comd.Command (-er, -ing).
C.O.M.E.Chief Ordnance Mechanical Engineer.
C.O.O.Chief Ordnance Officer.
C.O.P.P.Combined Operations Pilotage Party.
C.O.S.Chief of Staff.
C.P.Command post; common-pointed (shell); culminating point.
C.P.I.C.Combined Photographic Interpretation Centre.
C.P.O.Chief Petty Officer; Command Post Officer.
C.Q.M.S.Company Quartermaster-Sergeant.
C.R.A.Commander, Royal Artillery.
C.R.E.Commander, Royal Engineers.
C.R.O.Command Routine Osier; Corps Routine Order.
C.R.S.Camp Reception Station.
C.R.U.Civilian Resettlement unit.
C.3.C.Chief of Staff College; Conspicuous Service Cross (U.S.).
C.S.M.Company Sergeant-Major.
C.S.O.Chief Signals Officer.
C.S.S.B.Combined Services Signal Board.
C.T.C.Civil Technical Corps (U.S.A.); Combined or Corps Training Centre.
C.T.O.Chief Technical Officer.
C.T.T.B.Central Trade Test Board.
C.U.A.S.Cambridge University Air Squadron.
C.W.Chemical Warfare.
C.W.A.A.C.Canadian Women's Army Auxiliary Corps.

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