abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, r

abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, r defined in 1939 year

abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, r - Abbreviations WAR, THE SERVICES, CIVIL DEFENCE, r;
abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, r -
R.Reconnaissance; rescue; reserve; rigid airship.
R.A.Rear-Admiral; Royal Artillery.
R.A.(A.).Rear-Admiral of Aircraft Carriers.
R.A.A.F.Royal Australian Air Force.
R.A.C.Royal Armoured Corps.
R.A.Ch.D.Royal Army Chaplain's Department.
R.A.(D.).Rear Admiral of Destroyers.
Radar.Radio detection and ranging.
R.Adm.Rear- Admiral.
R.A.E.Royal Aircraft Establishment.
R.A.F.Royal Aircraft Factory; Royal Air Force.
R.A.F.A.Royal Air Forces Association.
R.A.F.O.Reserve of Air Force Officers.
R.A.F.R.Royal Air Force Regiment.
R.A.F.V.R.Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.
R.A.M.C.Royal Army Medical Corps.
R.A.M.O.Rear Airfield Maintenance Organization.
R.A.N.Royal Australian Navy.
R.A.O.C.Royal Army Ordnance Corps.
R.A.P.Regimental aid post.
R.A.P.C.Royal Army Pay Corps.
R.A.P.W.I.Repatriation of Allied Prisoners of War and Internees.
R.A.R.O.Regular Army Reserve of Officers.
R.A.S.C.lloyal Army Service Corps.
R.A.T.O.G.Rocket-assisted take-off gear.
R.A.V.C.Royal Army Veterinary Corps.
R.B.Rifle Brigade.
R.C.Recruiting centre; Red Cross.
R.C.A.F.Royal Canadian Air Force.
R.C.M.Regimental Corporal-Major (Household Cavalry).
R.C.N.Royal Canadian Navy.
R.C.N.C.Royal Corps of Naval Constructors.
R.C.S.Royal Corps of Signals.
R.D.Royal Naval Reserve Decoration.
R.D.F.Radio direction-finder (-ing).
R.D.X.Research Department Formula X (explosive).
R.D.Y.Royal Dockyard.
R.E.Royal Engineers.
R.E.M.E.Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
R.E.S.River Emergency Service.
R.F.Range-finder; Royal Fusiliers.
R.F.A.Royal Field Artillery.
R.F.C.Royal Flying Corps.
R.G.A.Royal Garrison Artillery.
R.G.B.River Gunboat (R.N.).
R.H.A.Royal Horse Artillery.
R.H.Q.Regimental Head-quarters.
R.I.Rigorous imprisonment.
R.I.A.F.Royal Indian Air Force.
R.I.F.Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; Roval Irish Fusiliers.
R.I.N.Royal Indian Navy.
R.M.Royal Marines.
R.M.A.Royal Marine Artillery; Royal Military Academy.
R.M.C.Royal Military College.
R.M.P.Regimental medical post; Royal Marine Police.
R.N.Royal Navy.
R.N.A.S.Royal Naval Air Service.
R.N.C.Royal Naval College
R.N.D.Royal Naval Division.
R.N.R.Royal Naval Reserve.
R.N.S.C.Royal Naval Staff College.
R.N.S.S.Royal Naval Scientific Service.
R.N.V.R.Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
R.N.V.S.R.Royal Naval Volunteer Supplementary Reserve.
R N Z A.F.Royal New Zealand Air Force.
R.N.Z.N.Royal New Zealand Navy.
R.O.Recruiting Officer; Reserve of Officers; Routine Order.
R.O.C.Royal Observer Corps.
R.O.F.Royal Ordnance Factory.
R.0.0.Railhead Ordnance Officer.
R.O.S.Regimental Orderly Sergeant.
R.P.Refuelling point; rescue party; rocket projectile; Rules of Procedure.
R.P.5.Radio Proximity Fuse.
R.p.g.Rounds per gun.
R.P./H.Repairs Party, Heavy.
R.P./L.Repairs Party, Light.
R.P.O.Regulating Petty Officer.
R.Q.M.C.Regimental Quartermaster-Corporal.
R.Q.M.S.Regimental Quartermaster-Sergeant.
R.R.C.Royal Red Cross.
R.S.D.Rescue Service and Demolition.
R.S.F.Royal Scots Fusiliers.
R.Sigs.Royal Corps of Signals.
R.S.M.Regimental Sergeant-Major.
R.S.M.S.Rendering Safe of Mines Squad.
R.S.R.Raiding Support Regiment (Artillery).
R.S.U.Repair and Salvage Unit.
R/T.Radio telephony.
R.Tanks or R.T.C.Royal Tank Corps.
R.T.O.Railway Transport Officer.
R.T.R.Royal Tank Regiment.
R.T.U.Returned to unit.
R.U.Ready- use.
R.U.R.Royal Ulster Rifles.
R.W.Royal Warrant.
R.W.A.F.F.Royal West African Frontier Force.
R.W.F.Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

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