abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, s

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abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, s - Abbreviations WAR, THE SERVICES, CIVIL DEFENCE, s;
abbreviations war, the services, civil defence, s -
S.A.Semi-automatic; supply assistant (R.N.).
S.A.A.Small arms ammunition.
S.A.A.A.School of Anti-Aircraft Artillery.
S.A.A.F.South African Air Force.
S.A.C.S.E.A.Supreme Allied Commander, South-East Asia.
S.A.D.F.South African Defence Force.
S. & T.Supply and Transport.
S.A.N.S.South African Naval Service.
S.A.P.Semi armour-piercing.
S.A.R.School of Aircraft Recognition.
S.A.S.School of Air Support; Special Air Service.
S.A.S.O.Senior Air Staff Officer.
S.B.Signal boatswain; stretcher-bearer.
S.B.A.Sick-bay attendant.
S.C.Small craft; Staff Captain; Staff College.
S.C.C.Sea Cadet Corps.
S.C(dr).Senior Commander (A.T.S.).
S.C.F.Senior Chaplain to the Forces.
S.D.Service dress; special duties; staff duties; supply dropping.
S.D.O.Senior Dental Officer; Signal Distributing Office.
S.E.A.A.F.South-East Asia Air Forces.
S.E.A.C.South-East Asia Command.
S.E.A.L.F.South-East Asia Land Forces.
S.Eq.S.O.Senior Equipment Staff Officer.
S.F.P.Supplementary Fire Party.
S.F.T.S.Service Flying Training School or Squadron.
S.G.Scots Guards; seaman gunner.
Sg.C.Surgeon Captain (R.N.).
Sg.R.A.Surgeon Rear-Admiral.
S.H.A.E.F.Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force.
Sh.L.Shipwright Lieutenant.
S.H.Q.Squadron Headquarters; Station Headquarters.
S.I.B.Special Investigation Branch.
Sig.L.Signals Lieutenant (R.K).
S.I.O.Senior Intelligence Officer (R.A.F.).
Sitrep.Situation report.
S.L.Searchlight; Squadron Leader.
S.L.C.Searchlight control (radar).
S.M.L.E.Short muzzle Lee Enfield (rifle).
S.M.O.Senior Medical Officer.
S.N.L.R.Services no longer required.
S.N.O.Senior naval officer; senior navigating officer.
S.O.Section Officer (W.A.A.F.); Signals Officer, Staff Officer.
S.O.P.Sleeping-out pass.
S.O.R.Sector Operations Room.
S.O.R.S.Struck off ration strength.
S.O.S.Struck off strength.
S.P.Self-propelled; Service Police; staging post; starting point; stirrup pump; stretcher party.
S.P.O.Stoker petty officer.
S.P.S.O.Senior Personnel Staff Officer.
S.Q.M.S.Staff Quartermaster-Sergeant.
Sqn. Ldr.Squadron Leader.
Sq.O.Squadron Officer (W.A.A.F.).
S.R.E.Scientific Research and Experiments Department (R.N.).
S.R.H.Supply railhead.
S.S.Services of Supply (U.S.).
S.S.A.F.A.Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association.
S/Sgt.Staff Sergeant.
S.S.M.Squadron (or Staff) Sergeant-Major.
S.S.O.Station Staff Officer.
S.S.Q.Station Sick Quarters.
Stalag.Stammlager (Ger.), other ranks' prison camp.
S.T.C.Senior Training Corps.
S.To.Seaman Torpedornan.
S.T.O.Sea Transport Officer.
Sub.Subaltern; submarine.
S.V.Sailing vessel.
S.W.Shelter Warden.
S.W.B.South Wales Borderers.
S.W.O.Squadron (or Station) Warrant Officer.
Sy.P.O.Supply Petty Officer.

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