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abd-el-krim - Abd-el-Krim;
abd-el-krim - Moroccan chief: son of a caid of the Beni Uriaghel tribe inhabiting the mountainous Rif country. Employed in 1919 in the office of Native Affairs at Melilla, he quarrelled with General Silvestre, commanding the Spanish troops, and returned to the Rif. In 1921 at the head of a few hundred tribesmen he attacked a Spanish advanced post at Anual and carried it by storm. In the fighting that followed 16,000 of the 19,000 composing the Spanish army were either killed or taken prisoner. By the end of 1924 Abd-el-Krim was in control of all Spanish Morocco except Tetuan, and in 1925 he invaded the French zone. But in May, 1926, he was forced to surrender to a French army under Petain, and was exiled to the French island of Reunion.

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