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abdul mejid - Abdul Mejid (1823-61);
abdul mejid - Sultan of Turkey during the Crimean War. The eldest son of Mahmud II, he succeeded in July, 1839, when the Turkish army and fleet surrendered to the Egyptian viceroy Mehemet Ali. However, the Great Powers intervened to protect Turkey from the ambitious viceroy. Abdul Mejid continued his father's reforms. In Nov., 1839, by the advice of his minister Reshid Pasha, he promulgated the decree known as the tanzimat or hatti-sherif of Gulhanz, proclaiming the rights of all subjects irrespective of creed. The status of Christians in Turkey and the general tone of the administration were greatly improved by this edict. The well-known Turkish order of knighthood, the Mejidieh, was instituted by him. He died June 25, 1861.

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