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abd-ur-rahman - Abd-ur-Rahman;
abd-ur-rahman - Name of several Arab rulers. One, a follower of Mahomet, on the death of Omar in 644, refused the caliphate to which he had been nominated. Another was leader of the Saracen hosts which were defeated by Charles Martel at Tours in 732. Three, members of the Ommiad family were caliphs of Cordova, Abd-ur-Rahman I founding this caliphate in 756, after his escape from Bagdad when the city was taken by the Abbasides. Abd-ur-Rahman II, the fourth caliph, was distinguished by his love of luxury and display, and his encouragement of architecture, music, and literature. He died in 852. Abd-ur-Rahman III was caliph from 912-61. He waged many wars against neighbouring rulers, recovered much territory lost by his predecessors, and enlarged the boundaries of his kingdom.

abd-ur-rahman defined in 1939 year

abd-ur-rahman - Abd-ur-Rahman (1830-1901);
abd-ur-rahman - Ameer of Afghanistan. Grandson of the great ameer Dost Mohammed, he was driven out of Afghanistan when he first claimed the succession. In 1880, at the close of the second Afghan War, he was the candidate acknowledged by the British. He proved himself a strong and shrewd ruler, with a thorough understanding of his position as between Russia and Great Britain. He preserved the independence of his country, and his wisdom at the time of the Penjdeh incident in 1885 averted what seemed to be inevitable war between the t w o Great Powers. On his death, Oct. 3, 1901, he was succeeded by his See Under the Absolute Frank A. Martin, 1907.

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abd-ur-rahman defined in 1939 year

abd-ur-rahman - Abd-ur-Rahman (1778-1859);
abd-ur-rahman - Sultan of Morocco 1823-59. His reign is chiefly notable for the abandonment of the claim to tribute levied by the rulers of Morocco on European ships in the Mediterranean. This was to secure them from the attacks of pirates, who became troublesome again as soon as the new arrangement was concluded.

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