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aberdeenshire - N.E. maritime co. of Scotland. Bounded N. and E. by the North Sea, W. by Banff and Inverness, and S. by Perth, Angus, and Kincardine, it is popularly apportioned into the districts of Braemar, Mar, Strath-bogie, Garioch, Formartine, and Buchan. It has an extreme length from N.E. to S.W. of 84 m., a greatest breadth of 46 m., and an area of 1,971 sq. m., and is the sixth largest of the Scottish shires.

The coast, 64 m. in extent, is bold and rocky, but almost free from indentations. The chief promontories are Buchan Ness, the most easterly extremity of Scotland, Kinnaird's Head and Eattray Head. The surface is generally hilly, and becomes extremely mountainous in the S.W., where the Grampians throw out the Cairngorm group, the loftiest summits being Ben Macdhui. 4,296 ft., the second highest peak in Great Britain; Braeriach, 4,248 ft., and Cairntoul, 4,241 ft. Granite and gneiss are the prevailing rocks, the former being largely quarried for building purposes; sandstone is also worked. The largest rivers are the Dee, 87 m.; Don, 82 m.: Deveron, 61 m.; and Ythan, 36 m.. all plentifully stocked with salmon and trout, the Ythan and Don also yielding pearl-mussels. Smaller rivers include the Ugie. 21 in.. Bogie, 14 in.: and Cruden, 11 in. Of the few lakes, Loch Muick. 2J m. long, is the largest.

The surface of the hilly districts is mainly moorland, but in the ISLE, and between the Don and Ythan the soil has been made fertile by highly skilful tillage, and is admirably suited for agriculture, oats and barley being the chief crops cultivated. Next in importance to agriculture is the fishing industry, while as stock rearing and feeding country Aberdeen excels. Large numbers of cattle are fattened for home consumption and export, and sheep, pigs, and horses are extensively reared. Of the other industries, several are associated with the quarrying of granite, while fish-curing and the manufacture of woollens, cottons, sailcloth, and paper are actively carried on. The principal towns are Aberdeen, the co. town; Peterhead, the centre of the fisheries; Fraserburgh, Huntly, and Inverurie. The co. unites with Kincardineshire to return three members to Parliament, and two are returned for Aberdeen city. Balmoral Castle is in the S.W. part of the county. Pop. 327,800.

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