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abeerdinshire literary associations - Lord Byron was taken to Aberdeen in 1790, at the age of two, by his mother, a Gordon, of Gight in Aberdeenshire. Mother and son lived in Broad Street, Aberdeen, till Byron's 11th year during which period the boy attended the city grammar school. A favourite walk was that to the Brig o' Balgownie in Old Aberdeen, from which he used to gaze into the dark waters of the Don beneath. Many of the future poet's holidays were spent in the neighbourhood of Ballater on Deeside, under the shadow of Loclmagar.

Among men of letters associated with the university are James Beattie (1735-1803), philosopher and poet, author of The Minstrel, educated at Marisclial College: and Smollett, the novelist, M.D. of the same college. A rich treasure-house of the Aberdeenshire dialect is to be found in Johnny Gibb o' Gushet Xeuk, a novel by William Alexander (1826-94). Another Aberdeenshire novelist was George Mac-Donald (1824-1905). In his David Elginbrod,Alec Forbes of Howglen, and Robert Falconer are faithful scenes of the life and manners of this county. A notable volume of poems in the dialect is Hamewith, by Charles Murray. 1909.

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