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aboukir - Aboukir;
aboukir - H.M.S. Name in the British Navy, first given to the French 74-guii ship Aquilon, taken at the Battle of the Nile, in 1798. Ships-of-the-line of the same name, of 74 and 90 guns, were launched in 1807 and 1848 respectively, while the fourth Aboukir, belonging to the oldest batch of armoured cruisers in the Navy at the outbreak of the 1914-18 War, was laid down at the Fairfield Yard, Go van, in 1898, and completed in 1902. She had a 12,000-ton displacement, was 440 ft. long and 69 ft. in beam, speed being 21 knots with engines of 21,000 h.p. On Sept. 22, 1914, under the command of Capt. J. E. Drummorid, and in company with the Hogue and Cressy, she was torpedoed by the German submarine U9, and sunk, with a loss of 25 officers and 502 men. The Hogue and Cressy were also sunk, the total loss of life being 62 officers and 1,397 men.

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