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about, edmond francois valentin - About, edmond francois valentin (1828-85);
about, edmond francois valentin - French writer. Born at Dieuze, Meurthe, Feb. 14, 1828, About was educated in Paris, and in 1851 attended the French School at Athens. His stay there inspired his Contemporary Greece, 1854. Tolla, a Tale of Modern Rome, 1854, was widely discussed, and increased About's fame. Other novels from his pen are The King of the Mountains, 1856; Germain e, 1857; Trente et Quarante, 1858; Madelon, 1863; The Man with the Broken Ear, 1861; and The Romance of an Honest Man, 1880. His plays, Guillery, produced at the Theatre Frarigais, and Gaetana, at the Odeon, were unsuccessful. About's attack on the temporal power of the Pope and his anti-clericalism brought him enemies, but he never shrank from controversy, and his book on Alsace, 1872, involved him in trouble with the Germans, who imprisoned him for a week. In 1872 he was appointed editor of Le XIXe Siecle. Elected a member of the French Academy in 1884, he died, Jan. 17, 1885, before installation. About was a gifted journalist; his clear and forcible style has been compared to that of Voltaire, and his talents are seen at their best in his novels. Pron. Aboo.

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