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accent - Accent (Lat. ad, to; cantus, singing);
accent - Prominence given to the particular syllable of a word in pronunciation. There are two chief kinds of accent, pitch (musical, tone) accent, and stress (emphatic) accent. The latter predominates in modern European languages, and frequently indicates quite a different meaning or shade of meaning, as in conduct, conduct; German nmstellen, surround, Hm-stellen, transpose. On the other hand, Chinese essentially employs the pitch accent. The terms acute (rising), grave (falling), circumflex (bent round, rising and falling) are derived from the Greek system of accentuation, attributed to Aristophanes of Byzantium (200 b.c.). See Phonetics.

In music, accent is (1) a regularly recurring stress on certain notes; (2) a special stress oil notes not normally accented, indicated by >, sf, jz, and other signs of emphasis.

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