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accentor - Accentor (Lat. ad, to; cantor, singer);
accentor - Name given to a subfamily of small birds, probably related to the thrushes. They have rather soft beaks, brownish plumage, and square tails. They occur in Europe, N. Africa, and parts of Asia, and are usually found in thickets and hedges in hilly dis-tricts. The: group is represented in Great Britain by the familiar hedge sparrow, which is no relation of the house sparrow. Its plumage is dusky brown, with a reddish back and bluish-grey head and neck. It is often mottled with white: and pure white specimens are occasionally seen It nests early in the spring in hedges, usually near human Habitations, and frequents gardens in the winter. The eggs are blue without spots. The Alpine accentor is larger, and has a white throat spotted with black. It lives among the mountains of Europe, and occasionally visits the British Isles.

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