accession defined in 1939 year

accession - Accession (Lat. ad, to; cedere, to come);
accession - In Great Britain and other monarchical countries the act of acceding to the throne: to be distinguished from the coronation, which usually takes place some months later. In Britain the formality of an election has been abandoned since the time of Edward I, and a king succeeds immediately his predecessor is dead. On his accession, at a meeting of the privy council, the new sovereign takes an oath to govern according to the laws of the land and is then proclaimed.

accession defined in 1939 year

accession - Accession;
accession - In law, a mode of acquiring ownership in property. It is the addition by nature or labour to something already owned. The principal thing carries ownership in the things that attach to it or grow out of it. The ownership of animals carries with it the ownership of the young. The ownership of trees and plants taking root in the ground belongs to the owner of the land, though they were planted by another. This mode of ownership applies chiefly to land gained from the sea or river. An island rising in a river belongs to the owners of the banks of the river. In foreshores, in the event of the sea receding, the new laud by the doctrine of accession belongs to the owner of the adjoining land. But the ownership of property is not changed by sudden or temporary inundation. If the sea suddenly recedes, the land gained belongs to the Crown.

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