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accessory - Accessory;
accessory - Term used in criminal law to denote that while a person may not have taken a principal part in the commission of an offence, yet he has incurred some degree of criminal responsibility. Accessories are of two kinds: accessory before the fact and accessory after the fact. An accessory before the fact is one who, though absent at the time the offence was committed, yet procured, counselled, or abetted another to do it. An accessory after the fact is one who, knowing that a felony has been committed, relieves, receives, comforts, or assists the felon so that he shall escape from justice.

In treasons and misdemeanours there are no accessories. All are principals in the offence. If the party is actually or constructively present at the commission of the offence, he aids and abets and must be so charged. Concealment of the fact that another intends to commit a felony will not amount to crime, nor will a passive acquiescence or words that amount to bare permission be sufficient. An accessory is liable for all results from his unlawful command. If he orders A to assault B and A kills B, he is accessory to murder.

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