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acetone - Acetone;
acetone - An organic compound (2CH3-CH(OH)) of the class of ketones, of which it is the most important. A colourless liquid with a sweetish, pungent odour recalling wood smoke. Originally obtained in the distillation of wood, it is now prepared by the oxidation of alcohol in a catalytic process and, on a very large scale, by the fermentation of maize starch by the Weizmann bacillus and other bacilli. The latter process also produces butyl alcohol, acetic, butyric and other acids. The acetone and butyl alcohol are distilled off and then separated by fractional distillation. Acetone has special properties as a solvent of organic compounds such as gums, varnishes, resins, fats, celluloid, gun-cotton, etc. It is especially important as the principal solvent for cellulose acetate, the basis for many forms of plastics. It is used in the preparation of chloroform, iodoform, sulphonal and other medicinal compounds. Very inflammable, it absorbs about 24 times its volume of acetylene, thus providing an excellent illuminant.

Acetone is found in the blood and urine of diabetics and other persons suffering from carbohydrate starvation due to faulty metabolism and a consequent lack of glucose in the tissues.

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