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achaean league - Achaean League;
achaean league - Federation of Greek cities in Achaea. The original association of twelve members gradually broke up. but in 281 b.c., after the dissolution of Alexander's empire, ten cities formed a league to check Macedonian enc.oachment. Under Aratus (d. 213) its influence greatly increased,.and under Philopoemen (d. 184) reached its height. After the defeat of Macedonia by Rome at Pj-dna (168), the sympathies of the members of the league were divided. The Romans seized on internal dissensions and armed resistance to their demands as an excuse for intervention. In.146 the Achacans were defeated by the consul Lucius Mummius, and Corinth was destroyed. The league was declared dissolved and Achaea became a Roman province.

The head of the league, or strategus, exercised general control over external and. internal affairs and commanded in the field. Legislation and questions of war and peace and alliances were settled by an assembly of citizens over thirty, which met twice a year at Aegium. See Federal Government, E. A. Freeman, 1893.

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