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aconite - Aconite (Lat. aconitum. wolf's bane);
aconite - Plant better known by its common name of monkshood. In medicine the root of this plant is used for the preparation of both a liniment and a tincture. AH parts of the plant are very poisonous, and death has occurred from eating the root in mistake tor horse-radish. Aconite root is brown, tapering to a point, with curly rootlets: while horseradish is white, cylindrical, and without rootlets. Aconite produces a tingling sensation when tasted, followed by numbness, while horseradish is simply pungent.

The active principle in the plant is an alkaloid, aconitine, which is one of the most deadly poisons known, paralysing the ends of the nerves and the spinal cord, and bringing about death from arrest of respiration. The treatment in cases of poisoning, while waiting for medical assistance, is promptly to give an emetic, keep the patient lying down, apply warmth and friction to the limbs, and artificial respiration if the breathing is failing.

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