acre defined in 1939 year

acre - Acre (Gr. agros, field);
acre - British imperial land measure containing 4,840 sq. yds. It is divided into four roods. Originally it was the amount of land which a yoke of oxen could plough in a day, and consequently its extent varied. It is now fixed by an Act of Parliament, but local acres, generally smaller in size than the statute acre, still survive in Scotland, Ireland, and parts of England. The word, variants of which are found in most European languages, is occasionally used to denote open ground generally or a particular piece, e.g. the familiar God's acre. See Weights and Measures.

acre defined in 1939 year

acre - Acre (aquiry);
acre - River of Brazil. Rising on the Bolivian frontier, it flows E. and N to join the Purus. The name is also given to a territory, 59,000 sq. m. in extent, which Brazil purchased from Bolivia for £2,000,000 in 1903. The territory is rich in rubber forests and its chief town is Port Acre or Alonzo. Pop. 86,638.

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