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acre, st, jean d' - Acre, st, jean d' (akka);
acre, st, jean d' - Seaport and town of Palestine. On a promontory at the base of Mt. Carmel, 80 m. N.N.W. of Jerusalem, it is connected by rly. with Haifa and Damascus. The harbour is partly sanded up, and shipping goes mostly to Haifa. It trades in cereals, oil, etc. Apart from the ruined Crusaders' walls, few old buildings remain.

Of remote antiquity, the Acclio of the O.T. (Judges 1), and the Ptolemais of the N.T. (Acts 21), Acre, known as the Key of Palestine, was captured by the Arabs in 638. Taken by the Crusaders tinder Baldwin I in 1104, it was reduced by Saladin in 1187, but Richard Coeur de Lion recovered it in 1191. It was handed to the Knights of S. John in ] 229, arid again lost by the Christians in 1291. The Turks took it in 1517, when it fell into decay. After its revival, a French trading community settled here, and Napoleon besieged it in 1799, but was defeated by the Turks aided by Sir Sidney Smith's sailors. In 1832 Ibrahim Pasha captured and held it till 1840, when it was bombarded and taken by the British, Austrian, and Turkish fleets. It was restored to Turkey the next year. During the Great War Acre was occupied by British cavalry under General Allen by, Sept. 23, 1918. During the Second Great War the Syrian Convention was signed at Acre on July 14, 1941, by Gen. Sir Henry Maitland Wilson and the plenipotentiary of the Vichy government, Gen. de Verdillac. Its terms involved the occupation of Syria by Imperial and Free French forces. Pop. 9,800.

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