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acrostic - Acrostic (Greek akron, end; stichos, row);
acrostic - Series of lines of which the first words are chosen because their initial letters, read downwards, compose a word or sentence. In the double acrostic ingenuity is carried to the further point of making the terminal letters of each line perform a similar, complementary, function.' Although now regarded as mere literary trifling, acrostics once engaged the serious attention of poets and poetasters. Sir John Davies (1569-1026) is more generally remembered for his twenty-six Hymns to Astraea, the initial letters of every one of which form the words Elisabetha Regina, than for his eminent services as a lawyer. Acrostics were a form of poetical composition among the Hebrews, e.g. Ps. 119, and sometimes among Christian poets.

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