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adalbert - Adalbert;
adalbert - Name of two saints. One, of Northumbrian birth, preached in Friesland, Germany, and the Low Countries, and is said to have been archdeacon of Utrecht. He was patron saint of Egmont, in Holland, where an abbey, destroyed by the Spaniards in 1573, was dedicated to him. He died June 25, 705. The other Adalbert, whose original name was Voitech or Voytech, was born about 939 at Prague, of which he became bishop in 983, and where lie his remains. He preached to the Hungarians, Poles and Prussians, and was assassinated by a pagan priest in Pomerania, April 23, 996.

adalbert defined in 1939 year

adalbert - Adalbert (d. 1072);
adalbert - German ecclesiastic. In 1045 he was appointed archbishop of Bremen, and in 1052 papal legate. He was a confidant of the emperor Henry III, and of the young emperor Henry IV. During the absence in Italy of Anno, or Hanno, archbishop of Cologne, Adalbert virtually ruled Germany. In 1066 he was dismissed from the court through the representation of a powerful coalition of nobles, but was recalled in 1069. He was buried in Bremen cathedral.

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