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adam style - This is the name given to the style of furniture and household decoration first introduced by Robert Adam. It was based on recently found Greco-Roman architectural remains. Despite the introduction of arabesques, sphinxes, and griffins, extravagances were severely toned down. Prominence was given to conventionalised floral, geometrical, and ribbon forms, often combined with the key, wave, fan, honeysuckle, and palm motifs, sometimes used as frames for medallions and panels containing figure or other paintings or designs in line relief. Such panels and medallions on walls, ceilings, and furniture were painted by Angelica Kauffmann, Zucchi, Pergolesi, and others. Colour schemes were subdued in tone, with half-tints prevailing. Furniture and fittings were designed to harmonize with the rooms, so that an Adam drawing-room is distinguishable by its unity. In furniture, satinwood, amboyna, and various other light woods were used in combination with mahogany. Everything was light and elegant, with a marked leaning towards straight lines. Legs of chairs and tables were tapered and usually lightly Muted. Carving was reduced to a minimum, reliance being mainly on outline and harmonizing tones. Consult The Architecture of Robert and James Adam (2 vols.), A. Baker, 1944.

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