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adam, juliette - Adam, juliette (1836-1936);
adam, juliette - French authoress and publicist. Born Oct. 4, 1836, at Verberie, daughter of Dr. Lamber, she married in 1851 M. Lamassine, a lawyer, and in 1868 M. Edmond Adam, a senator (el. 1877). The leading woman writer in France for over fifty years, she founded a salon described as "the birthplace of the Republic." In 1879 she established La Nouvelle Revue, which she edited until 1899; under the name of Count Paul Vasili, she also wrote many works of travel, poetry, fiction, plays, criticism, biography, and politics. She did much to promote the Franco-Russian alliance and to keep alive the spirit of revanche after the defeat of 1870. She died in her hundredth year, Aug. 24, 1936. Consult Mine. Adam. La Grande Franeaise, Winifred Stephens, 1917.

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