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adams, john quincy - Adams, john quincy (1767-1848);
adams, john quincy - Sixth president of the U.S.A. The son of John Adams, the second president, he was born July 11, 1767, at Quincy, Massachusetts. After studying at Paris, Leyden and Amsterdam, and holding a diplomatic post at St. Petersburg, he became professor of rhetoric at Harvard. Secretary to the commission which signed the treaty of peace between Great Britain and the U.S.A. in 1783, he was later minister to Holland and Prussia. He was sent by the state of Massachusetts to the Senate, but resigned through differences with his constituents and became minister to Russia. In 1814 he was one of the negotiators of the treaty with Great Britain which ended the war of 1812, and from 1814 to 1817 he was American minister in London.

Appointed in 1817 secretary of state under President Monroe, he was partly responsible for the purchase of Florida from Spain, and strongly supported the Monroe doctrine. He was a candidate for the presidency in 1824, when none of the four candidates secured the necessary majority. The House of Representatives had therefore to decide, and their choice fell upon Adams. Defeated on offering himself for re-election in 1828, in 1831 he entered the House of Representatives, where he became a keen supporter of the emancipation of the slaves. He died of paralysis Feb. 23, 1848. See John Quincy Adams, J. T. Morse, 1880.

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