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adelphi theatre - Adelphi Theatre;
adelphi theatre - Playhouse in the Strand, London, long the recognized home of melodrama. The comedian, J. B. Buckstone. was a prolific writer of Adelphi drama, e.g. The Dream at Sea, The Green Bushes, and The Flowers of the Forest; and William Terriss, murdered in 1897, was a, popular Adelphi hero. Apart from melodrama, the Adelphi scored an enormous success in 1821 with Tom and Jerry, a version of Pierce Egan's Life in London, depicting the adventures of Bob Logic, Corinthian Tom, and Jerry Hawthorn.

The theatre was built in 1806 by the inventor of "Old True Blue" washing blue, John Scott, who with his daughter was indefatigable in working for its success. Until 1819 it was called the Sans Pareil. It was rebuilt in 1858, 1901, and 1930. For a few months after the reopening of 1901 it was known as the Century theatre.

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