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adenoids - Adenoids (Gr. aden, gland; eidos, form);
adenoids - Masses formed by the overgrowth of the. lymphoid tissue at the back of the nose. The condition may be found in infants, hut is most common between the ages of three and eighteen. The first effect of adenoids is to hinder or prevent breathing through the nose, and this, in its turn, leads to other and sometimes serious developments. The nose becomes thin and pinched, the mouth is kept open, and the teeth exposed, producing a very characteristic appearance; the palate is high and arched, and the whole chest may become misshapen. The growth may obstruct the Eustachian tubes and lead to deafness, or may set up serious inflammation of the car. Children suffering from adenoids are frequently irritable and listless and backward at school. Adenoids if left untreated may produce effects often permanent through life, but the growth can be removed by a surgical operation which is not dangerous, and is almost always satisfactory.

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