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adjutant - Adjutant (Lat. adjutare, to assist);
adjutant - Term formerly employed in ordinary language, but at present only used in the military sense. In the British army an adjutant is a regimental staff officer who is recommended for appointment by the commanding officer of a garrison, regiment, or battalion, or of a training unit, and assists in all details of duty. The appointment is almost always held by a captain, but occasionally by a senior lieutenant who may be promoted to captain on appointment. The adjutant receives and issues orders on behalf of the commanding officer, directs the training of recruits, superintends the work of the orderly-room and general administration of the unit, and is responsible for the upkeep of the regimental books and records.

The adjutant of an artillery regiment has additional duties, as the batteries are frequently distributed at some distance from headquarters. Regimental officers wishing to communicate with the commanding officer do so through the adjutant. An adjutant is appointed for three, or very occasionally six, years, and receives additional pay. When it is desirable the C.O. may appoint a lieutenant as assistant-adjutant, this officer being responsible for assisting the adjutant in training duties.

In the Royal Air Force there are station and squadron adjutants; the former appointment is normally held by a squadron-leader and the latter by a pilot officer or flying officer. Station and squadron adjutants are responsible for the general administration of their units.

In peace time officers of the regular army are appointed as adjutants of all auxiliary forces. In foreign armies an adjutant is frequently the equivalent of a British aide-de-camp, while adjutant-general is the equivalent of an aide-de-camp to a royal personage. In the French army an adjutant (adjudant) is the equivalent of a British company-sergeant-major, but ranks such as adjutant-major, etc., are conferred on officers holding various administrative appointments. In the U.S. army an officer, usually a captain, is appointed regimental adjutant by the colonel of the regiment, and battalion adjutants, usually lieutenants, are appointed by the battalion commanders.

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