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adler, alfred - Adler, alfred (1870-1937);
adler, alfred - Austrian psychologist. Born in Vienna, Feb. 7, 1870, he graduated M.D. in Vienna in 1885 and practised there 1897-1927, when he was appointed lecturer in psychology at Columbia University, New York. In 1932 he became professor of medical psychology at Long Island College of Medicine. Rejecting Freud's theory of dreams, and with it the basic principles of psycho-analysis, he was the founder of the school of individual psychology, which looks for the origin of neurosis in physical mal-development, leading to the "inferiority complex" and the "masculine protest." In his system the moving force in human life is not sex or love, as Freud maintained, but the will to power. Adler's most important book was The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology (Eng. trans. 1924), and his work is explained in P. Mairet's ABC of Adler's Psychology, 1928. Adler died suddenly at Aberdeen, where he was delivering a course of lectures at the University, on May 27, 1937. See Psycho-Analysis. Consult Alfred Adler, P. Bottome, 1939.

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