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adar - Adar
adar - Twelfth month of the sacred, and 6th month of the civil, year of the Jews, corresponding to Feb.-March. The fast of Esther is observed on the 11th, and the feast of Purim or Lots on the 14th. Adcock, arthur st. john (1864-1930). British author and journalist. Born in London, Jan. 17, 1864, and well known as acting editor of The Bookman, he wrote more than 30 volumes of verse, fiction, essays, and London literary topography. He died June 9,1930. Adda. River of Italy, the ancient Addua. Length about 180 m. It rises in the Rhaetian Alps, flows S.W. through the Val Tellina, between the Rhaetian and Bergamasque Alps, and forms the lake of Como. Issuing thence, it traverses Lombardy and joins the Po 8 m. above Cremona.

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