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afterglow - Afterglow;
afterglow - A faint glow occasionally seen in the western sky during very clear weather. Soon after sunset an observer and the air for several thousands of feet above him are in the shadow of the earth which is cast by the sun as it sinks below the horizon. Therefore at this time a glow can only be seen in the upper air, where it is produced by very fine particles and increases in intensity as the lower air becomes darker. This rosy-coloured glow-disappears when the sun reaches about 68° below the horizon, but is followed in the clearest of weather by an afterglow whose shades are a delicate rose or purple colour. This afterglow is probably a second glow ring of the same origin as the earlier glow, but at a greater angular distance from the sun. Afterglows are usually best seen in winter, when the lower atmosphere is less troubled by haze. For a long "time after the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 very striking afterglows were witnessed in almost every part of the world. See Bishop's Ring.

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